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Printers & Copiers, Now With On-Site Support & Maintenance

There is nothing more frustrating than buying a high-end business printer that refuses to print. That’s why CapX Solutions provides emergency repair and maintenance services for all of the printers we sell to businesses in the Rockville Maryland area.

When you purchase business printers or business copiers from CapX Solutions, you get so much more than business equipment. Every printer package sold by CapX Solutions includes installation, routine maintenance, and repairs. It’s a comprehensive solution to all your office printing and copying needs.


Here at CapX Solutions we solve document management headaches by providing industry-leading business printers at a competitive monthly price.

Instead of paying upfront for a business printer or copier, it is now possible to spread the cost out over time. This helps to protect business cash flow. Every business owner, whether in the hospitality industry, non-profit industry and more  can select a plan that matches their monthly budget. Meaning that now you can relax, safe in the knowledge that all of your printing and copying needs are met.

Choose the Perfect Printers & Copiers

Selecting the right business printers and copiers isn’t always easy. If you aren’t sure what office equipment you need, get in touch with us. We’ll match your businesses with the business printers and copiers that are just right for you. We’ll also ensure you have the right softwares and systems in place so that your equipment works smoothly, each and every time.




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Lanier & many more!

Here at CapX Solutions, we take the stress out of printing and copying problems. That’s why we take on the challenge of monitoring your ink and toner levels for you. When levels are running low, we receive a notification to let us know so that we can come to your office and provide you the supplies you need.

If you ever experience problems with your business printer or copier, we’ll be alerted as well. Plus, you can always feel free to give us a call. Our office maintenance and support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to deal with any issues you are having. They’ll come to your office to provide same-day support. We resolve any issues you may be facing within hours, allowing you to print and copy with ease.

As you know, prevention is better than cure. That is why we are always monitoring our clients’ printers remotely. When an issue arises, we are the first to know. That way, our team will start working on a solution right away. Before you know it, your printing problems are resolved.

business person printing in office environment

Many businesses in Montgomery County, MD are faced with printer issues daily. From printhead errors and paper jams to scanning issues and beyond. Our printer repair services quickly take action to fix these problems and get your printer working again. Don’t waste any more of your businesses time or resources on printer headaches and malfunctions. Benefit from our proactive approach to handling all your printing and copying needs today.

Printhead Errors

Printhead errors account for a large number of laser printer issues. Printheads often stop working because they are in need of cleaning. But don’t worry, our team will quickly clean the printhead and get your printer printing again in no time. If we need to replace the printhead, it’s not a problem. Our team always arrives on-scene, fully prepared with the proper replacement for your printer.

Paper Jams

Paper jams are no longer common, thanks to improvements in the design of high-end business copiers and printers. However, when they do occur, our team springs into action. We not only unjam the printer but also figure out what caused the jam, so it doesn’t happen again.

Connectivity Issues

Sometimes, printer issues are caused by connectivity issues. Our troubleshooting service can help you work out whether it’s your printer or your WiFi that’s to blame. We can then help you find an office solution so you can print easily once again.

Slow Printing

Slow printing can often be due to poor optimization of system connections. If your printer has recently slowed down, we are experienced in troubleshooting these issues and determining whether or not any recent changes to your network are to blame.

Optimize Your Office Efficiency Today

For any commercial business owner who has experienced the frustration of a malfunctioning printer, the benefits of printer support are evident. Not only do you save money on printer repair fees when you choose CapX Solutions, but you also save time. No longer will your business waste hours trying to troubleshoot a problematic printer. Instead, you can get on with achieving your business goals.

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