5 Reasons You Need a CAPX Document Management System in Place


Picture this: It’s another day at work, and all of a sudden, your printer jams. You’ve got hundreds of papers to print and no way to get them out. Even worse, the printer manual is nowhere in sight! You try asking your coworkers, but all they do is scratch their heads.

Sound relatable? We get it. This is one of the many reasons why document management systems are so critical to businesses.

A Managed DMS Solves Problems Quickly & Efficiently

In the scenario above, part of the problem is that you’re wasting time trying to figure out how to solve your problem! There’s no solution in sight, and you have no idea where to begin to get your printer fixed.

With a fully managed document management system, you don’t have to worry about that. With a DMS from CAPX Solutions, you get a technician who arrives on-site and fixes your problem before you know it. If you have an issue, your printer alerts us as to what is wrong. From there, we dispatch a certified technician to fix the machine and ensure it’s good to go again.

In the last decade, having someone on-call to repair your printer was unheard of. Businesses had to submit a help ticket and wait hours, sometimes days, for someone to arrive. The whole process could take a long time to get an issue resolved.

Not anymore! Today, document management systems providers have made printer errors a minor issue for both small businesses and large corporations. When a problem arises, someone is sent out within minutes to your location to get your system up and running again.

Managed Printer Systems Increase Productivity

In the old days, half of your workday could be spent hunting through filing cabinets and drawers trying to find a single document.

With a document management system, your files are digitized and kept in clean, organized systems. All your documents are stored in one place that any employee can access through the internet.

Taking away time spent hunting for files allows more time to be spent doing important tasks.

DMS Services Are MUCH Safer

Data and cyber security is a huge issue facing companies today. So many companies are getting caught up in security breaches.

Having files that are encrypted and safely stored in a document management system dramatically reduces the risk of security breaches. With DMS, a full team of IT techs is devoted to taking care of your documents and making sure they’re secure.

Reliable Document Management Systems Are Far Easier to Access

Accessing data from the past can be a pain. You have to hunt through tons of old records looking for what you need.

The good news is that with a document management system all your files are organized and are clearly labeled. Your data will be sorted into categories and dates that make sense for finding past data.

On top of that, when you’re working remotely, you don’t need to worry about not being able to get to the documents you need. No matter where you are, you can get online and access the necesary material.

You can also share documents through the system, ensuring that anyone you need to collaborate with can also reach the documents they need. The collaboration tools offered by a web based document management software is an excellent solution for companies with remote workers.

Document management systems are a great solution to a lot of company organization issues. Keep your documents easy to find, easy to access, and easy to use by setting up a CapX Solutions document management system today!

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