5 Reasons You Need a Better Printer

do you need a printer? yes you do

Choosing to buy a printer for your business is a struggle. It’s tough to find something that perfectly fits your needs within your budget.

Many modern businesses are starting to veer away from printers and lean toward completely digitized workspaces. However, this may not be the best move. Why? We’ll explain.

You Need to Print Photos

Most businesses need hard copies of photographs at some point or another. Sending digital files simply isn’t always acceptable or possible.

For example, a dental office may take digital X-Rays. However, most insurance companies do not accept digital X-Rays as claim attachments. For the dental office to submit the claim they will need to print out the X-ray and mail it to the insurance company.

Outsourcing photo printing gets expensive. Adding up the costs of printing your photos elsewhere will quickly show you that having a business printer is cheaper.

You Need Shipping and Address Labels

Most businesses ship out packages and letters to clients and consumers. While you can certainly get shipping and address labels printed at a postal courier, it’s much faster and easier to print in office.

Shipping labels and return labels are often sent out as email attachments. Without a printer in the office, it can sometimes be impossible to get hold of your physical label.

Having an in-office printer ensures that you can get your labels and mailings taken care of without any extra hassle.

Mobile Printing

Mobile printing gets tricky.

In today’s world, everyone has documents on their phones. People don’t necessarily use their laptop to trade information.

The problem with this is that you might have an important document on your phone too.

Printing from a mobile device isn’t typically possible at a postal or printing office. Having an in-office printer takes care of this issue by providing you with a place you can print from any time.

Most printers have USB ports for you and your coworkers to connect your phones. This will allow you to print emails and documents that have been sent over mobile devices.

Some of Your Employees Work Remote

Do you have employees who work from home? Most companies these days do.

Having an office printer can allow employees who are working remotely to copy and fax important documents to send to the office.

It can also allow employees who know they will be working remotely to prepare ahead of time and scan in documents. Scanning documents allows them to have all the paperwork they need while they work from a home office.

Print Travel Documents

Printing travel documents is especially important for companies whose employees travel a lot.

Waiting until the airport to print boarding passes is time-consuming and can cause delays. Don’t make your employees late; keeping a printer in the office allows employees to print their travel documents ahead of time and skip lines.

If you have client meetings that are urgent, risking a missed train or flight just isn’t worth it. Having a printer in your office can ensure that all necessary documents are printed and ready to go in time for the journey.
While printers may seem outdated, there are actually a good number of reasons why you should keep one in your office. Choose the right printer company to help you get set up and make sure you’re prepared at all times.

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