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You come into the office only to find your high-end business printer isn’t working. Your whole day is shot because now you have to focus on fixing the printer! Here at CapX Solutions, we understand and we’re standing by to help you out.

Business printers come with repairs and routine maintenance that can cause you and your business a lot of trouble. CapX Solutions comes up with new ways to solve your printer problems and get your printer up and running again. We offer printer installation, maintenance, repairs, and ink refills to all our Potomac clients. Even better — we come to your location and fix the issue on-site.

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The high costs associated with buying a high-end business printer can be intimidating. We understand that. CapX Solutions provides industry-leading printers for a single low price each month. Forget about the high costs that buying the best printers come with and take advantage of our offer.

We provide printers from a variety of different suppliers, so we don’t upsell a particular manufacturer’s printers. Instead, we look at what your business needs and find you a printer that makes the most sense for your organization.

With CapX Solutions, you find the right printer, but you also get all the software needed to run it! Our strong relationships with our partner companies let us get you better software than you could find on your own. A few of our partner brands are:




Konica Minolta










Lanier & more!

Wait a minute, you avoid the high-cost commitments and get a top of the line printer? That’s right! And on top of that, we don’t just get you a printer and leave it there. We keep your business running by providing you with the printer services you need at any time.

Are you constantly finding yourself out of toner right when you need to start a print job? A lot of businesses are facing the same issue. CapX Solutions never wants you to be in that situation, and that’s why we make sure your toner is always stocked. We make sure you always have ink in your printer, and we optimize your toner levels to get you the most out of your ink.


Our printers send us a network notification when your toner levels start to get low. Then, we go to your office and get your printer toner restocked and ready to go again. We’re always standing by and come to you at any time you need us.

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Business owners love that our service prevents printer issues from arising. We perform maintenance on a regular basis to make sure your printer never suffers from dirty printheads or Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

Our CDIA+ and PDI+ network professionals are available 24/7 to take care of any connectivity issues your company faces. It doesn’t matter how many workstations you have or how large your organization is; we’ll always take care of your printer problems.

The complicated software that high-end printers have can be very complex and hard to repair. A lot of these issues can be taken care of remotely by our team of experts. When the issue does need on-site care, however, we head out to you and make sure your printer is working properly again within four hours of the initial request.

There’s no need to peer over the owner’s manual or try to find a solution online. CapX Solutions will take care of your printer repair needs right away. Some of the printer problems we take care of include:

Scanner Issues

Scanners that are built into printers can cause all kinds of issues that put a wrench in your workday. Don’t worry though. You don’t have to take care of these problems. Our team comes out to you to figure out what’s going on with your scanner and make sure you can keep getting documents digitized.

Don’t worry about having your workday thrown off. CapX Solutions comes to you right when you call and makes sure your printer is in mint condition.

Slow Printing

Slow printing can be a big problem, especially for businesses who need to quickly print out a high volume of documents. When printers are connected with Wi-Fi, slow printing issues abound. Optimizing your printer can get rid of those issues and get your printer back up to speed. When your printer slows down, we make sure there are no network updates or errors to blame and get your printer back on track.

Paper Jams

These days, printer jams are pretty rare. When they do come up, however, they put an immediate stop to your work. More often than not paper jams occur just because of a paper misalignment, but you’ll be stuck puzzling over what happened.

No matter what caused the paper jam to occur, we come straight to your location to get your printer working again. We don’t just leave it at that, either. We leave you with information to help you avoid paper jams going forward.

Printhead Problems

Inkjet printers are notorious for having ink clog issues. The good news is, laser printers don’t have this problem. What they do have is other printhead issues. If your printhead stops working properly, it can seriously slow down your workflow.

Our team understands al the printhead problems that can plague a laser printer. Typically, the printhead just needs cleaning to get it back in shape. If the whole printhead needs replacing, though, we do that too! We come out to your location and take care of these problems the same day they arise.

Laser printers are wonderful in that they don’t suffer from ink clogs. However, laser printer printheads have other issues. When your printhead stops working properly, it puts a pause in your productivity.

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One big reason business owners shy away from buying a new printer is the cost. CapX takes the cost out of the equation by offering you one affordable, low, monthly price for your printer and maintenance services.

Printer maintenance is another reason Potomac businesses hesitate to buy a high-end printer. With CapX Solutions, we solve any printer problem that may arise and make sure you have a fully-serviced, fully-working printer.

Dozens of local businesses in the Potomac area have already made the choice to use CapX Solutions to save money and time. Join them today and give us a call!

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