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CapX partners with nonprofit organizations across the nation to provide copy and printing services. We began in the nonprofit space by partnering with just a few local educational institutions. Working with them, we quickly gained an understanding of the unique needs not for profits have for printing and copying hardware, software, and document management.

We’re proud to be the choice provider for not-for-profit organizations in Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia and many others across the nation.

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Nonprofits rely on partners and vendors who can help them achieve their mission. We have a great deal of experience in this space, and we understand what nonprofits are looking for from their document management partners.

With digital curriculum allowing for teachable information to be as relevant as ever, and the ability to adjust data at a moment’s notice, educational institutions have an increased need to print data for more practical use. We help schools and other educational organizations meet the evolving demands of a modern teaching environment.

Nonprofits also rely heavily on direct marketing involving printed materials to support their initiatives and meet fundraising goals. We provide the highest initial volume allocations for B/W and color prints. We give nonprofit clients thousands of free prints to help account for their heavy use.

Plus, we offer additional benefits exclusively to our not-for-profit clients:

We provide end-to-end support to ensure you can focus on your organization’s goal. Every dollar and every man-hour spent fixing, programming, or otherwise managing your printing and copying hardware software takes away from the organization's overall initiative. We will spend the time necessary to program all your settings just the way you need them - eliminating the need to format each document individually.

If you do not meet the volume limits we provide, we will donate the value of the unused prints to your organization either in dollars or in additional copies for the next billing cycle. For not for profits, every dollar not spent supporting the organization's mission must be spent wisely - and this helps to ensure that not a single penny is wasted in unused prints.

At the end of the day, ink, toner, and copy equipment are just that. While we provide excellent service to our non for profit clients, we also go to great lengths to make a positive impact on our own community and support the causes of our clients and others all over the nation.

In addition to our own Nicholas Vassos Memorial Fund, which provides support to students at Shining Stars Montessori Academy in need of financial assistance to access their education, we have contributed to several organizations that continue to make a positive impact in our community.



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