John Vassos, Owner of CAPX Solutions

John N. Vassos

John Vassos has spent his whole adult life as both a businessman and philanthropist. After graduating from Salisbury University, he took over running BCE Corporation, the family-owned office equipment business in Bethesda, Maryland that his father started. It quickly grew from a small, two-room office to a multi-million dollar company with hundreds of clients. His philanthropy also began during those early years after college as a volunteer football coach at his alma mater, the Bullis School. As his business and family grew, John spent most afternoons after work on the fields of his sons, coaching their teams, and even took four football teams to Pop Warner National Championships. He loved teaching these boys how to play football, but more importantly about teamwork and the value everyone has on the team. One year his team even won both the Pop Warner National Championship and the Sportsmanship award, a combination that had never been achieved before. He personally funded most of the expenses these teams incurred, including all their travel, so anyone could play regardless of how much it cost.

As his business grew, he began to focus much of his giving on helping schools with scholarships and financial aid. To date, between his personal and corporate giving, he has donated over 2 million dollars so underprivileged youth can attend the best schools in our area, with the hopes of changing their trajectory through education.

John was fortunate to sell BCE Corporation to Sharp Electronics in 2011 but soon discovered early retirement wasn’t for him, and in 2016, opened CapX Solutions LLC, another office equipment sales and service business. Like BCE Corporation, CapX Solutions has also quickly grown to a multi-million dollar company with hundreds of clients. Through this thriving business, he continues to fund the philanthropic projects he is passionate about, most recently supporting a 3-year scholarship for a young man at the Washington Jesuit Academy. There are so many other organizations that benefit from his giving that it would be impossible to name them, but the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society, and The National Center For Children and Families are just a few among many.

John currently lives in Bethesda, MD with his wife of 31 years. He has four grown children, Nicholas, Erica, Allison, and Luke. Nicholas is following in his father’s footsteps and has been instrumental in growing CapX Solutions, just as John did with his own father’s business.

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