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Business copiers and printers should be fairly straightforward. However, between cartridges running empty and paper jams, you know that these machines don’t always operate as intended. For industries that operate around the clock, frustration with business printers increases when support is only available during regular business hours.

Luckily, there’s a solution.

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CAPX has worked with busy hoteliers for many years, providing heavy-duty copiers and printing solutions. Our company started small, with a few educational institutions, and has now grown to include school districts, hospitals, non-profit agencies, and of course hotels. Over the years, we’ve gained a lot of knowledge about what a successful hotel needs for their printers, including software, machinery, and document management.

CAPX is proud to be the first choice for hotels in Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia and many others across the nation.

A paper jam when a tired guest is waiting to register can be frustrating for everyone. Food and beverage charges require a signature from a guest in order to be posted to the correct room folio or credit card. For hotels that have event space, meeting planners need to sign itemized catering bills which can be several pages long. Producing all of these documents becomes impossible if there’s a broken business printer. In addition, without a signature approving a bill, there may be no back-up documentation if a charge is contested.

CAPX has the ability to provide a team of technicians that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for complete service. We provide signature “end-to-end” service so your busy employees can focus on their jobs. Instead of worrying about an expensive service call or after-hours support, you can plan your expenses easily, with our inclusive monthly service plans. Forget about budgeting for a large purchase like a copier or printer – our services packages include leasing the equipment, too! When you’re ready for installation, our team will spend the time to configure your copiers and printers just the way you need them, from remote access to document formatting, ensuring a correctly printed page each time.

Choosing a complete service package, especially for a 24 hour business like a hotel and conference center, can easily pay for itself. With printer support available around the clock, many tech issues can be solved over the phone in a timely manner. When your business copiers need a tech, having one out within four hours can make a world of difference.

Our hospitality printer solutions include scalability, allowing your needs to grow as you grow. We also offer leading-edge software that protects your remote printing from hackers and improves your operating efficiency. CAPX is here to meet your needs and anticipates those you’ll have in the future.

CAPX is a non-captive provider of all document and content management systems. Put simply, this means we don’t have any obligations, quotas, or incentives to push any one manufacturer’s products. Instead, we prefer to give our clients the equipment that has the features that best serve their needs. Determining your hotel’s best printer solutions comes after a comprehensive analysis of your printer use & average output requirements. Your business cycle is also taken into account.

There are a few “workhorse” printers that stand out for the heavy use of a busy hotel and conference center. Printers for hotels need different capabilities than those used in typical business settings. They’ll need to operate remotely, from multiple workstations, as well as create different types of printed and collated documents. Most importantly, they’ll need to be able to handle the workload a busy hotel demands.

Our favorite business printers and copiers for hotels include:

The HP Laserjet Enterprise M607n which centralizes printing locations and features Sure Start to prevent hacks.

The Xerox Workcentre 5325 Duplex Multifunction Mono Laser Printer with a dual paper selection which can alternate colors or sizes on the fly.

The Canon imageRunner 1435iF MultiFunction Copier w/Fax which can sit on a desktop or underneath a guest-check-in station or stand independently.

24-hour service means around the clock. We have a team ready to help your staff troubleshoot over the phone – even in the middle of the night. For solutions that require a technician to physically be present, our stated goal is to have you up and running within 4 hours of your first contact with our support team.

CPAX prides themselves on understanding the printer support your busy hotel needs. FRom auto-ordering toner to preventative maintenance, our goal is to make sure that your printer/ copier is the least of your worries. As we analyze your business needs, we’ll automatically ship replacement ink so you’re never in a bind.

Part of your service package from CAPX also includes software, allowing documents to be printed remotely from different workstations to a primary and back-up printer. Our software is also designed to reduce hacking and ransomware, protecting your clients’ sensitive data and payment information.

At the end of the day, copiers, printers, and paper are just that. However, managing the needs of a busy hotel and providing seamless guest service is easier with a comprehensive, customer-focused copier service package from CAPX. See what our customers have to say, and give us a call for your own custom package today!

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