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Many schools and court systems need plenty of back-up documentation to make sure that funds are allocated correctly and that the different departments are operating as they should. In a world of checks and balances, the importance of well-working, large-volume business copiers and printers is often forgotten – until they don’t work, that is.

Many government offices have dozens of employees working simultaneously to print, copy, and collate important documents. Even when business copiers are working as they should, longer print times or slow machinery causes frustration. Some government agencies may operate during non-traditional hours, which means they may hit a wall when printer support is only open 9 to 5, Monday through Friday. Luckily, there’s a solution.

Your government office operates on a tight budget. Making sure that paper and toner aren’t wasted may seem like a low priority, but considering that some offices print thousands of documents daily, efficient business printer and copier services can quickly add up. Many printers receive input from many, if not dozens, of workstations, and are constantly running. Having office printers that can handle prolonged use and a high workload is essential for efficient government departments.
Choosing a complete service package can easily pay for itself in a bind. CAPX offers business copier solutions and printer support with all-inclusive monthly rates. Monthly payments can help agencies on a budget, as they remove the need to budget for a large copier replacement. Especially toward the end of a fiscal year, month-to-month business printer leases and copy machine services make more sense than trying to budget for a large repair or replacement bill. CAPX solutions include scalability, allowing your needs to grow as you grow and reduce if a department shrinks or uses online documentation more. We also offer leading-edge software that protects your remote printing from hackers, which is vital for government agencies that handle sensitive information. After many years specifically serving larger businesses and non-profit agencies, CAPX has the expertise to meet your needs and anticipate those you’ll have in the future.

One thing that sets CAPX apart from other full-service office printer providers is that we are non-captive. Non-captive vendors aren’t brand-loyal. This means that we look for the best product for your specific needs, whether it’s large-format copiers, managed print services, or printers that can handle input from many different computers. Our software is designed to protect your sensitive information, enabling wireless printing and even remote printing from mobile devices.

Although we recommend high-quality products such as Dell, Lexmark, and HP printers, we don’t have any obligations to a particular manufacturer. This means we don’t have quotas to fill or numbers to hit – instead we focus on ensuring that our clients’ needs are met. Determining the best products for your government agency comes after a careful analysis of your use and average output requirements. Your business cycle is also taken into account.

There are a few different printers that we recommend to our government clients. Each of these is proven to be durable and reliable, producing thousands of crisp, clear documents and coming in at a relatively low monthly fee. Best of all, your CAPX leased printer package includes automatic toner and ink cartridge refills, ordered when your inventory reaches below your set par, and 24 hour / 7 day a week support. Our certified technicians have the experience to walk even the newest employee through troubleshooting over the phone.

The Canon imageRunner 1435iF MultiFunction Copier w/Fax which can sit on a desktop or underneath a guest-check-in station or stand independently.

The Xerox Workcentre 5325 Duplex Multifunction Mono Laser Printer with a dual paper selection which can alternate colors or sizes on the fly.

The HP Laserjet Enterprise M607n which centralizes printing locations and features Sure Start to prevent hacks.

Simply start with a phone call or email request to one of our professional sales representatives. We’ll ask a few questions to determine your use, and then find the best solutions that work within your budget. Since your CAPX equipment is leased, if your copier or printer isn’t suiting your needs, we can replace it for something that fits better. Around-the-clock tech support is included with our premuim service solution. Should your printer or copier require physical repairs, our stated goal is to have you up and running again within four hours of your first contact with our service desk. Your toner and ink will ship automatically, either based on how many you have left or on a particular day each month. No more shaking a toner cartridge to eke out those last few copies! At CAPX, we view our clients as partners. Paper and ink are just tools, but a trustworthy relationship with a vendor who is looking out for your best interests can make running your government office a little easier. Discover the CAPX difference.

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