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Printers With Same-Day Support in Gaithersburg, MD

It’s Monday morning and your printer isn’t working. Again. We know how frustrated you are. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Business printers are tricky because of all the repairs and routine maintenance that come with them. At CapX Solutions, we provide new methods to take away the hassle of keeping your printer from breaking down.

We provide your company with printer installation, maintenance, repairs, and ink refills. What’s more, we come to your location in Gaithersburg, or anywhere else in Montgomery County, MD to help you out on-site.

Why work with CapX Solutions?

Our printer services reduce stress, save money, and free up your time.

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Are costs holding you back from buying a new printer? We’re here for you. Our business offers industry-leading printers for one low price each month. You can say goodbye to the high costs that come with buying a high-capacity printer outright.

Our printers come from many different suppliers, which means we don’t try to upsell a single manufacturer’s printers. We look at your needs and recommend a printer that makes the most sense for your company.

With our company, you not only get matched with the right printer, you also get all the software you need to work with it. We give you better software than you could get on your own because we have special relationships with our partner companies. Just a few of the great brands we work with are:






Konica Minolta







Lanier & more!


If you find yourself frequently out of toner when you need to begin a print job, you’re not alone. CapX Solutions doesn’t want you to be in that position, and that’s why when you work with us, we make sure your toner is always fully stocked. We optimize your toner levels and ensure you are never out of ink again.

When your toner levels are getting low, our printers alert us. The minute we get a notification, we head out to your office to set your printer back up and make sure you’re able to print. No matter what you need to get printed, we’ve got you.

Printer solutions in Gaithersburg Maryland

One of the many things about our services that business owners love is that we nip printer problems in the bud. We perform regular printer maintenance to ensure that you never have Wi-Fi connectivity issues or dirty printheads to worry about.

We are available 24/7 for any printer issues that may arise. We also keep tabs on your printer through remote monitoring to ensure that we know the second any issues arise. Our team of CDIA+ and PDI+ professionals take care of connectivity issues no matter how big your company or how many workstations you have.

Printers often come with complicated software and they can be extremely difficult to repair. What many businesses don’t realize is that most printer issues can be taken care of remotely! Even if it needs to be dealt with on-site, however, we dispatch a tech to your office to take care of your problem. We are committed to getting your printer back in working order within four hours of the initial maintenance request.

Don’t spend hours trying to decipher the owner’s manual or surfing the internet for the answer to your problem; leave it to us and we’ll take care of your printer repair needs. Here are just a few of the printer problems we can take care of in a snap:

Paper Jams

High-end printers don’t typically suffer from printer jams, but when they do, your workday comes to a grinding halt. These jams are typically due to paper misalignments, but that doesn’t mean you have time to fix them! Whether your paper jam was due to a simple misalignment or something more complex, we’ll get there immediately to find out the problem and get things back into working order. We’ll give you tips and tricks to avoid paper jams in the future, too.

Laser printers are wonderful in that they don’t suffer from ink clogs. However, laser printer printheads have other issues. When your printhead stops working properly, it puts a pause in your productivity. We know all about the printhead issues that laser printers are susceptible to, and we’re ready to help whenever they come up. Often, all that’s needed is to clean the printhead and your printer will be up and running again in no time. Even when the whole printhead needs replacing, however, we’re more than happy to come out and get that taken care of. We take care of these issues the same day it happens to make sure you don’t get slowed down at work.

Printhead Problems

Slow Printing

Printers that run off of Wi-Fi connectivity are plagued with slow printing issues. The cause? Poor optimization. If your printer has started running slowly, we’ll take a look at the issues and figure out what’s to blame. We make sure to get your printer working at its original speed again.
Multi-function printers come with finicky scanners that cause printer communication issues and slow down your busy workday. You don’t need to take time out of your day to handle that; we handle it for you. Whatever’s going on, we get to the bottom of the problem and make sure you are able to scan documents easily.

Scanner Issues

Don’t Wait, Get Document Management Solutions Today

High prices and printer maintenance are two major factors which stop business owners from buying a new business printer. CapX Solutions takes care of both those issues. We offer non-profits and business owners industry-leading business printers that are fully serviced. With us, you save on maintenance costs and initial investment.

When you partner with CapXSolutions you avoid the high-cost commitment associated with the best printers out there, but you also receive top of the line hardware. Even better, we don’t just leave you with a printer. We keep your industry going by providing you with printer services at any time you need them. Dozens of businesses in Gaithersburg are already benefiting from our services, and we’re ready to work with you as well. Call today and get started!

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