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CapX provides cost-effective and hassle-free document solutions for businesses just like yours. Whether looking to grow, cut costs, or complete your next big project, CapX helps you get the job done.

At CapX, we know that every business has a unique set of needs. That’s why we are dedicated to providing commercial businesses with document services tailored just for them.

As a non-captive provider of the systems we work with, we aren’t motivated by sales incentives or quotas. Our only goal is to help your business succeed.

With top brands such as Dell, HP, Lexmark, and Xerox, we have the right hardware for you and your business. Beyond printers and copiers, our content management services keep your data flow streamlined and organized. By maintaining close relationships with industry partners, we offer the best software solutions at unbeatable prices. At CapX Solutions, we can help you boost efficiency and keep your business at the forefront of technology. Our services are designed to help businesses get the best from technology without massive expenditures. No matter how large or small, your company will save money and have the technology it needs with CapX Solutions. While printers, copiers, and management software are all essential parts of running a business, they can also be incredibly expensive. Even the best equipment will eventually fail, disrupting your day and leaving you stuck with the cost of printer repair or replacement. Every company wants the best technology on the market, but investing in office utilities rarely makes a worthwhile return.
CapX will help you handle increased document production volume and keep costs low.

Increased workloads during tax season, audits or end of the year reporting

Special events such as meetings, conventions, seminars and trade shows

Surges in document production requirements during regulatory submissions or corporate mergers

Whatever the occasion or requirements, we can help you. For getting through a busy week or staging national event, when you rely on CapX Solutions, you don’t have to worry about document management. CapX Solutions doesn’t stop at getting you the technology you need while keeping you in the black. With our services, you don’t have to worry about printer repairs or technical support either. Our printer and copier solutions for commercial businesses include comprehensive service. CapX takes care of it all. Our staff of cdia+ and pdi+ network professionals keep your devices running smoothly and ensure your data is in trusted hands. By remotely monitoring all your machines, we keep your office efficient and save you time. Never again will you run out of toner or go through the hassle of trying to explain mechanical faults over the phone. The printer tells us so you don’t have to. And, if you do ever come across an issue that requires us to come to you, we’ll send our technicians as soon a possible. Our goal is to have your business up in running within 4 hours from the time you called. For companies that require more extensive or specific technical support, CapX can also provide specialized, on-site technicians available 24/7. For over 50 years, CapX Solutions has been helping businesses like yours save money and focus on what matters to them most: their business. When a printer fails, your entire office grinds to a halt. While you’re spending precious time and money on repairs or replacements, the rest of the world is doing business. If you are tired of dealing with expensive printers that jam and systems that aren’t compatible, now is the time to talk to us.

The Washington Redskins Organization has been associated with John Vassos and Capx Solutions for 5 years. John has provided a variety of products and services to FedExField, RedZone Capital, RedZera Radio, and Redskins Park over the course of the years. John Vassos has provided superior service and has been responsive to all management needs.

I would not hesitate to recommend John Vassos and Capx Solutions to anyone requiring products, services, including T.V.’s, copiers and service.

Dennis Greene
President, Business Operations
The Washington Redskins

We know that every business is different, so we will work with you to provide a customized solution to meet your specific needs. Our flexible solutions are as economic as they are simple for our clients and are backed by our industry-leading service.

Stop wasting valuable capital on equipment that will eventually breakdown. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how CapX Solutions can simplify document management for you.

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