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Printers With On-Site Support, Maintenance & Toner in Bethesda

Everyone has experienced the pain of dealing with a high-end printer that won’t cooperate.

From installation to routine maintenance to repairs, everything about owning a business printer is complicated. That’s why we provide alternatives to the daily grind associated with keeping a high-volume printer in perfect working order. Here at CapX Solutions, we provide full-service printer installation, maintenance, ink & toner fills, and any repairs necessary to businesses in the Montgomery County, MD area.

Discover a headache-free office with our printer services while saving time and money!

Stop worrying about the cost of a new printer for your office!

We’ve fixed that problem by offering industry-leading business printers for one low monthly fee. Now, you can eliminate the cash-flow issues associated with purchasing a high-capacity business printer outright.

Since we provide printers from a number of different companies, we aren’t beholden to increase sales of any one company’s printers; instead, we carefully assess your particular needs and applications to recommend a printer model that will work best for your business whether it’s a government office, for-profit, or not-for-profit.

While we always do our best to match each business with the perfect printer, we don’t stop there. We also make sure that you have all of the software you need to use your printer. In many cases, we can help implement even better software than you could get on your own due to our relationships with industry-leading partners. When you work with us, you have your choice between a variety of different printer models from a range of everyone’s favorite brands:

Premier Managed Print Services in Bethesda, MD

When you work with CapX Solutions, you get all of the benefits of owning a top-of-the-line printer without having to commit to the significant financial expenditure that owning one of these printers usually entails. Plus, we aren’t satisfied with simply providing you with just a temporary fix. We offer printer services that will keep your industry-leading Dell, Lexmark, or HP printer in perfect working order every time you need it to.












Konica Minolta


Lanier & more!

Eliminate Printer & Copier Headaches

It’s always best to catch potential issues with your printer before they occur, which is why so many business owners love our full printer maintenance services. We’ll make sure that your printer is in perfect working order so you won’t have to worry about common printing issues like dirty printheads or Wi-Fi connectivity problems.

Our maintenance team is standing by 24/7 to resolve any issues that may crop up with your high-end business printer. We monitor your printer remotely, which means that we’ll be the first to know whenever any issues come up. Since we work with a team of CDIA+ and PDI+ network professionals, you’ll never need to worry about connectivity issues even if you have dozens of different workstations and NAS units.

Toner Refills and More

There’s nothing worse than starting a big print job only to realize that you’re out of ink or toner.

When you sign up for our printer services, we provide you with the assurance that you’ll never have to endure this common printer pain again by making sure that your toner levels are always optimized.

Our business printers provide network notifications whenever toner levels are running low. When we receive one of these notifications, we come to your office to make sure that you’ll be able to print again in no time. Whether you’re trying to print pamphlets for the next board meeting or quarterly progress presentation, we’ve got you covered.

While we’re at it, we’ll make sure that your printer is in full working order in every other way.

Printer & Copier Repair Services

When you buy a high-end printer, the last thing you want to do is spend all day figuring out how to repair it. In many cases, common printer issues can be resolved remotely, but if it ends up being necessary to send a technician to your location in Bethesda or anywhere nearby to fix a physical problem, it’s our goal to get you back up and running within four hours of the initial time of contact.

Instead of scouring the internet or squinting at the fine print in the owner’s manual, rest assured that we’ll provide you with the printer repair services you need to keep your business in operation no matter when you need assistance. Here are some examples of the types of common printer problems that we can fix in a jiffy:

Paper Jams

Paper jams happen, and can put a wrench in your productivity. Nobody wants that! While most types of jams are caused by simple paper misalignments, most people don’t have the time to babysit a printer every time it has trouble belching out paper.

Whether your paper jam is caused by a simple problem or something more complicated, we’ll be there right away to determine the cause of the issue and get you going again. While we’re at it, we can provide some pointers that may make it easier to avoid similar issues in the future.

Printhead Errors

Unlike inkjet printers, laser printers don’t suffer from the notorious design flaw that can cause printheads to get clogged with ink. However, the printheads on laser printers are, at times, just as susceptible to issues as their inkjet counterparts. When these issues occur, your whole day’s productivity can come to a grinding halt.

We understand the common problems that befall laser printheads, and we’re standing by to resolve these issues anytime. If it ends up being necessary to replace the entire printhead, we’ll be happy to do so, the same day that it occurs to ensure you don’t experience any significant downtime in work.

Slow Printing

Wi-Fi connected printers can sometimes experience issues with slow printing when they aren’t optimized correctly. If your printer has recently slowed down, we’ll troubleshoot the issue and determine whether or not any recent changes to your network are to blame.

Overall, we’ll ensure your printer is back to its proper printing speed in no-time.

Scanner Issues

Scanners that are provided with multi-functional printers are notoriously finicky. So, forcing a printer to communicate properly with your workstation array is not fun. Fixing scanner issues is a task that you understandably don’t want to carve time out of your busy day to address. Whether your scanning problems have their origin in your printer or your workstation network, we won’t stop until we’ve gotten to the bottom of the issue and restored your ability to scan documents with ease once again.

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Start Enjoying Your Fully Serviced Business Printer Today

Many business owners and non-profit operators like the idea of owning a new business printer, but they’re driven away by the high price of purchasing one of these devices and the daily pain of maintaining a high-end business printer. Here at CapX Solutions, we provide businesses with all of the benefits of owning an industry-leading business printer without the hassle, which can save you thousands per month in initial investment and maintenance costs.

Dozens of businesses in the Bethesda area have already benefited from our all-inclusive services, and we’re standing by to provide you with more information, give you an estimate, or provide your business with the affordable printer it needs to stay competitive right away. Call today and ask about our specials!

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